Photo Album

103-Scrapbook from Emporia, Kansas. There are very few names in this scrapbook.Also some names without the picture. The one with a picture was named "Grandma Witherspoon". Written in a space with no picture was Grandma Witherspoon, Daniel, Mook or Maud,  Keith. The very last picture was a wedding picture taken Dec 7 1942 written on the back along with (the best I can make out) L-R Grandma Hall, M (maybe Mrs.) Rich, Elwood Rich, Helen Rich, Fi----cher, ? & V. E. (the wedding couple I believe) Some of the places in the book are Soden's Dam, Rock Ford Bridge, Auto Fedan Hay ---?, -ol of piano tuning, Helmers Mfg Co., Leavenworth (Found an obit for a Henry Helmers who owned it here: ) & one picture from Treasure Island, San Francisco, Ca. with the following on the back, the best I could make out: June 1931 or 1937 San Francisco Far (Fair?) _____ and his two granddaughters 11. R.L. III Grandson 13, Elizabeth, Dick's wife, Leonard Thelig Ross, ___lou G Jones. One picture has the name Edwin or Edwan on the back, a pictureof four young ladies. Another, Russel & Vet. On the back of another, On back: Howard 11 1/2 years. Lots of rural scenes, farming, homes, etc. I scanned only the people pictures. Hoping someone will recognize the Wedding party and help to identify the rest. some are really stuck to the album and hard to see if there is more writing on the back.