Photo Album

99-This was a small group of pictures of African American's. These photos are copies of originals and have no details. In one group picture, probably of college students, they are all wearing arm bands with what looks like the letters "MB?" The last one is either the number one or another letter, maybe an A for MBA, maybe it is their degree Master of Business Administration? There are no indictions of where this was taken. Aside from that picture, there is one of a young girl, a young man and one of a small child. Hard to date this, but maybe 1920's?

100-These photos were in a collage frame. They are originals and were unfortunately glued together. I photographed the collage and then proceeded to get them separated out of the frame and take them apart for scanning. I picked them up in an Antique store in Grant Florida between Sebastion & Melbourne. There is a set of twin girls in the photos, as children, teenagers & adults. Only one photo (boy on the beach) has any information on it. He is identified as Howard Clarkson Whitcomb Jr. and it is dated Aug 11, 1932. He looks about 10, so possibly born about 1920-1922? Taken at The Sands Ocean Park?? 

101-Just a couple of photos I picked up at an Antique store in Sebastion, Florida. One is Charles H. Eddy possibly taken in Brownwood or Concho, Texas and the other is a tin type of a young girl c. 1870's. (These can be scanned individually if you find a relative)


102-Class picture from Oil City, Pennsylvania taken by T.M. Lawson Studio.