Photo Album

94-Bought this collection on Etsy and they were shipped from Mishawka, Indiana. There are some names like Holmquist, Coggens or Cozzens, Misher & Newcomer. Some of the place names are Naupanee Indiana, Albany New York, Boston Massachussets & Eden Park.

95-This collection came from Goodwill in Powell, Ohio. There are 4 class pictures from the 1920's and one of them has all of the names listed on the back! I did the best I could in figuring them out. Most of the studio portraits in this collection come from Columbus, Ohio, so possibly the school pictures are also from that area. These pictures seem to belong to the same family, so probably one of the names on the back of the school picture. I've included a scan of the names. The one with names is "Mr. Clark's Class Room 1923" and lists the grade (6th, 7th & 8th) for each classmate next to their name. I don't know if the names are listed in the order of appearance in the photograph, until someone is able to identify a relative in it. Here is the list of names for picture # 95-4:

Grade    Name

8 Maxine Bower or Bowler

6 Lola Redman

7 Dorothy Dix?

7 Margraret Manning

8 Inez Morton

6 Blanche Peterson

Mr. Clark

7 Ora Daniels

6 Tekla? or Lukea Korn or Karn

6 Helen Wright

6 Helen Wrightsel

6 Mabel  Gantz

6 Kathryn Hill

6 Margaret McKinley

6 Evelyn McCoppic or McCoppitz or McCopper

6 Lela Shepherd

7 Marjorie Norris

6 Louise Creamer or Cramer

7 Dwight De Loss or De Ross or De Roos

6 Robert Beavers or Brewers

6 Charles Geddes?

7 Harold Davies or David

6 Wesley Miller

6 Vernon Near or Niar?


96-Stacy Family Album-This album was a purchase from Etsy in Tipp City, Ohio. Most of the  studio pictures were taken in Crandon & Antigo, Wisconsin. Some of the other surnames besides Stacy are Hamilton & Ballard. See pictures for more details. 

97-Purchased from Goodwill in Wisconsin. I don't know if these photo's belonged to one family or not, but they are mostly from Wisconsin. The studio portraits are from Weyauwega, POortage, Iola, Milwaukee, Clintonville, Lewis & Dorchester. Also one from Yakima, Washington & Sioux City, Iowa. There are a few names in this group, Adolph & Alta Anderson, -Dorthy Mieche or Muche, Hazel Monthey or Monety, Mr. & Mrs. Ster--fie or Her--fre, Joe Sieffre & wife half brother of Mrs. Gercha or Gerska, Selia Lolery or Loberg. See photos for more details.