Photo Album

Group 91 - A small group of photos taken in San Francisco from Goodwill in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Group 92 - Photos I picked up at Riverby Books at 805 Caroline St. Fredericksburg, VA-Most have studio names, but not individual names, they are from Nebraska, Baltimore & Hagerstown Maryland, Waynesboro, Philadelphia, Slatington & Pittsburg, PA, Teneha, Texas & New York. They were all loose, so not sure if these belonged to one family or not.  

Group 93- This is a scrapbook that I believe belonged to P.F.C. Chester H Perry, son of Mr. & Mrs. H. S. Perry of 832 South Second Avenue Walla Walla, Washington as it contains a news clipping of him from August 9 1942 and has photos of McCaw Army Hospital with photos of patients & staff. This Perry family is connected to the Perry/Maidment family album that I posted earlier (Group 57). I did not put it on the same page, since I already had 4 pages of photos from that one. There are only a few names in this album. Some are Trayton and Alice, Jo & husband (1949), John, Octavis, Naydyne, Kay, Jo. There is a business card for an R.N. named Gladys E Owens from 26 W Uhler Ave. Alexandria, VA Phone Alex 3360 who may have been the owner of the album also. A news clipping of Larry Ashbaugh. Most of these pictures date from the 1930's - 1950's.