Group 83

I purchased this scrapbook on Ebay. It was mailed to me from Amity, Maine but most of the pictures that have any studio names on them are from Cambridge, Boston & Brookline, Massachusetts.The most recent picture c.1940-1950 was taken in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Also in the scrapbook is a postcard with Russian writing on it mailed to Boston, one studio picture taken in Russia, so the family may have Russian origins. There are many family pictures, babies, children, weddings. Not many names, but one was Ruth Hyter or Ruth Hyfer. The post card was mailed to a name that was something like....Ahekfa Dreltuga Stilmonflpeit at N84 Boston, Massachusetts Dec 14 1911.Some letters are Russian and I'm sure I do not have them represented correctly, but did the best I could. Some nice pictures in here, so worth taking a look at.

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