Group 82

82-Civil War Era Photoalbum belonging to Miss R.A. Stonebraker -This is a really great album. Many names are listed on a numbered page in the front of the book, but some do not seem to match up with their placement in the album, so unfortunately looks like they have been rearranged somewhat. In order to retain the book in it's orignal form as it was shipped to me from Dundee, Illinois, I have numberd the photos as such; 82 for the number of the group, followed by the number on the list in the front ot the book coordinating with it's placement in the book. In some instances, there is no picture in the slot, so I have skipped over those numbers and the list stops at number 24, so any pictures higher than that, have no coordinating name in the book although some pictures do have a name written on the back or front of the picture. Most all of the pictures do have a studio name and most were taken in St. Charles & St. Louis, Missouri. Written in the back of the book is the following: Presented to R. Annie Stonebraker by Edward E. Gray Dec 25th 1881 (could possibly be 1887) Also, written on one page of the book with no photo is the following: Frankie M. Boals Linderwood St. Charles College WD or MD Sept 3rd, 1882. The list of names is too long to add here, so see the first picture of the scanned page.