Group 80, 81

Group 80 -This was an Ebay purchase from Houston Texas-These pictures were in a scrapbook. There are some names, Alfred E Smith, there is a studio portrait from Norwalk, Ohio, Guinn Drug Store with possible adress of Fairfax 34, newsclipping of May Queen-Miss Clara Walker, daughter of Mrs. J. Randell Walker of Madison, neice of Mrs. Parramore Smith Coggins of Jacksonville, also a newsclipping of Fred C. Reed Jr. Killed by hit-run car & Mary Frances Clyatt-Yoman's Dancing School, Valdosta, GA & Mrs. Harold Jackson McCallum, was Miss Ruth Steptoe, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Steptoe & Gainsville, newsclipping from Florida-E.M. Spell-local pharmacist of St. Augustine. There is a photo of two men outside of Madison Drug Company & Brownings Fancy Grocery. Some photos are taken in locations in Georgia.

81-Ebay purchase from Bellville, Ohio-Just a couple of group pictures. They could be family? No details.

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