Group 74, 75

Group 74- This is a collection of photos I picked up in Mt. Dora, Florida. Some of them are definitiely family but I can't say if all of them are related or not, only that they were bought from the same dealer. In addition to the photos, I also picked up a couple of Indentured Servant Warrantee Deeds from the 1860's in Washington Co., NY. Names on those are Yeldham, Haskins, Murphy, Church and Hyatt. Some of the names on the photos are Stange, Whitley, Kearns, Urell, Marceau, Domenick or Domenikini, Brown, Thatcher, Reidnor and more. Some photos are from Lynn & Adams, Massachusetts. I am going to add the Indentured Servant items to a differnt page and hopefully will collect more of these types of items in the future.

75- This group of pictures came from a scrapbook that was taken apart. There are only a couple of names. From some that have studio names and a few other clues, this appears to be a German family, celebrating Christmas, vacationing at the beach at Kolberg in
Pomerania/Prussia (now Kolobrzeg in Poland), and elsewhere, some family homes and a couple of postcards. The pictures are very interesting. Please send me mail if you happen to recognize any of the places in the pictures. Scroll about half way through to get to this group.(After the Deeds)

 Remember, you have to view in Fullscreen to see names & details.