Civil War Era Album

72-Believe the majority of these photos were taken in New York. Some really old pictures in this album. Many are tin types. Some of them had small etched writing on the paper that said Potters Patent March 7, 1865, some had no studio but seemed like they could have been from the same photographer. Some of the places are Norwich, Canastota, Utica, Hamilton, Fayetville in New York & one from Patterson, New Jersey. These should all be family. Some of the names are Marvin, Nichols, Hom or Homs, Crumb, Jenks and more.

73-This photo album was purchased in the town of Blue Ridge, Georgia. It contains a lot of postcards, mostly blank and never mailed. There are quite a few from California, Knox Berry Farm, San Francisco, Yosemite, LA, in the late 1950's-1960's time period. Also in this photo album are lots of old trade cards. Someone was trying to sell these as there is a handwritten note in the front. A name Jack Tanner is also written there. I can't say for sure if these items all belonged to one family or not, but certainly the photos seem to go together. Some names from the postcards are Capt. Harber Hall, George R Morrison, Mr. & Mrs. Bud Collins, Mrs. Esther Sinclair, Jesse Elkins, J. L. Momson (a ration card). From the photos that date from the 1920's to 1930's are, Ada & Oscar O'Neill,Gretchen & Carl Snyder. Some  places are Ogdensburg, New York, Monticello, Indiana, Montreal, Trudeau Lake, Savannah.

* Don't forget to view in full screen to see details of photos and to find the group you want to view, you just have to go through until you get to it. Each photo is prefixed with it's group number.