70, 71

Group 70 - An interesting group of pictures from Arundel, Maine. This was an Ebay purchase. The pictures do seem to belong together as there are some of the same people. Some are studio pics, some are just snapshots. Two are of a group of Sailors on a ship at a dock that seems to be somewhere in Germany, possibly a "Carbonic Acid Works". That is what Google translated it to. I will add this one to my "Military page" also.

Group 71 - Ebay purchase from Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania. The majority of these pictures are from the town of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania in Westmoreland County, not far from Pittsburg. There are many high school graduation pictures dated from the 1930's & 1940's. Most were taken at the Plank Studio. There are a handful of pictures with Italian writing on the back. This lot could have belonged to one family. There are some names and details on a few of them.