Photo Album

61-Ebay purchase from Liverpool, New York-Not really sure of the origins of the photos themselves.

62-Purchased from Deadwood Dicks in South Dakota.

63-Purchased from Two Guys Antiques in Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia. Scrapbook belonging to Loretta Marlene Burchette. Most of these pictures are of high school students attending Pulaski High School in Pulaski, Virginia & Radford College Students between 1950-1960. Lots of newspaper articles in the book but I only scanned the ones that included pictures, so if you have family who attended these schools the names could be in them but you will have to contact me to look for them.

66-PS 142 8B3 Class of June 1935. Not sure where this is from, but it could be Manhattan New York. Other states may use the P S (Public School) numbering system. If it is Manhattan, then it could be Amalia Castro at 100 Attorney St, Manhattan, NY