Photo Album

Group 57 - These photos have been scanned from an intact scrapbook. While most of the photographs have no identification of names or places, they probably all belong to the Perry & Maidment families. There is a newspaper article of Tom Perry & Edith Maidment-Perry celebrating their 60th wedding Anniversary. The article does not have a date or other identification, but there is a picture of the couple with their anniversary cake dated June 1960, so probably they married in June 1910. The article goes on to say that they married in Lonerock (a city in Gilliam County, Oregon). Some of the family mentioned in this article who may also be in the photographs are: Mrs. Albert Williamson of Hermiston, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bennett of Centralia, Miss Georgia Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Crenshaw and son Creston of Lebanon, Mr. and Mrs. Page Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Maidment of Chehalis, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bennett of Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Blair of  Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Maidment of Bend, Mrs. Hazel Long and four daughters of Pomeroy, Washington, Mr. and Mrs. O.P. Hinehart of Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rood and Earl Gilliam of Herpner, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Perry of Ellensburg, Mr. and Mrs. George Perry and Lawrence Perry of  Pendleton, Mrs. Jennie Kellog and Miss Gerorgia Perry of Condon.

This is a very interesting group of photographs. Some of them were extremely small and appear to be photo booth prints, but they were not widely used until the late 1920's and some of the fashions look like they are from an earlier time period, but it's possibly they had some where people dressed up in costumes similar to the establishments they have today at Theme Parks & such. Lots of outdoor photos with dogs & horses and a few postcards.

Some other names mentioned are: George N. Perry who seems to be a WWI Vetran, Hanna Wilson, Neva, newpaper print of Mr. and Mrs. L. Boyer-Post Cards of Gunn's Peak,Snohomish, Washington- Grays Harbor,Oregon-Walla Walla, Washington- Mt. Vernon,Oregon- Heppner Oregon

Group 58 More pictures from Lone Rock or Lonerock, Oregon-I believe these people are also related to the Maidment/Perry family since there was a news clipping of the couple celebrating their 60th anniversary with this collection. Most of these are taken in the 1940's & 1950's but there are a couple of groups of school children from a much earlier time period. There were many, many more photos (mostly snapshots) in this collection that I did not scan since it is so large. I concentrated on the ones that had something written on the back. Some of the names I came across are Sutton, Neel, Hayes, Carlsan or Carlson, Kirk & others.