Photo Album

Group 53 -Picked this group up at M. Lewis Antiques-10 Stowe Street, Waterbury, VT-Most of the pictures are from Montpelier, Barre & Rutland with one from NY & Boston, Mass. Most have names, too  many to list here.

Group 54 
 - This group of pictures was an Ebay purchase. The pictures were all in an awful sticky album and I carefully removed them. To my surprise, many had the names written on the back! I've done the best I can to decipher them. They all seem to be graduation photos, probably from College, but some may be High School. One is a group of girls with no names, but some look like they are the same girls as in some individual pictures. I'm hoping to add more info about where this group originated and will post when I find out. The album may have belonged to the Gover family-Frances, Pearl & Patricia seem to be the names of the daughters. The pictures were mostly between 1920-1923. It was mailed from Cohutta GA but not sure if that is where it originated.