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Group 46
-Mrs. W.F. copwell, Coxwell, Cohwell-635 Lincoln

Group 47-Stephen & Jimmy Phillips-Baltimore, Maryland 1949

Group 48-Goodwill Western New York-Robinson, Stephenson, Tansley or variation.

Group 49-Med Det (Medical Detachment of the 383d Infantry Regimen an organic unit of the 96th Infantry Division.) WWII Soldiers-Some names on back, no indication of where these people are in the photo. Came from Goodwill in Austin, Texas.
Additional Information  
The photo might have been taken at any one of the following:
Camp Adair, Oregon
Fort Lewis, Washington
Camp San Luis Obispo, California
Camp Beale, California
Camp Stoneman, California
Most likely- Camp Adair (Aug 42), Fort Lewis (Jul 43), or Camp Beale (Jul 44).
At Camp Adair,the 383d Inf Regt was activated 15 August 1942. This phase usually called for a group photo of the unit (the Medical Detachment).The unit served in the Pacific, obtaining Campaign credits for Leyte and the Ryukyus. It was inactivated 3 February 1946.
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Group 50-From a Martha's Vineyard estate of many generations of the Keniston family-unknown school children in front of school. c. 1900-1910

Group 51-Holy Terror Antiques in Keystone, South Dakota-Grannis, Case, Schwitt,Young.

Group 52- Summit School House-Group of Sunday School children & teachers c.1918-Ashlin surname.