Lot from Grandville, MI & Takoma, Washington

Group 43 - This lot came from Goodwill in Takoma, Washington, but most of the pictures are from Kellogg, Idaho. Mostly they are snapshots from the 1930's. Most are not identified, but there is a girl named Sara in a few pictures and another named Vivian and one of a girl named Jean or Joan. The pictures appear to have been taken from a scrapbook. Some pictures are still attached to the black scrapbook pages which measure 7" long by 9" wide and have double holes to fit in a book.

Group 44 - This lot of 4 pictures came from Goodwill in grandville, Michigan-Serviceman in Hawaii in 1944, a group of travelers on a boat Amerika/Hamburg (Germany), a portrait of an unknown young woman and a really neat class picture from 1923 with the names of the children written all along the borders. The names as far as I can make out are listed below.

1923 School Class picture names

Names left to right-Top-Helene Svendson, Elizabeth Mclean, Paulina Buell, Lethia or Leitha Sirfung or Sirfury, Don , Henry, Marion Peck, Maria or Marian Lincoln, Ray Sekie or Sekil, George Olsen, Viva Hall, Marie Hall

Side-Ray Peterman, Harold Kerns, Emos or Emma Johnson, Ray Eastman, Wayne Madson or Madsen, Lyle Wyatt or Wyall, Joe Gibson.

Bottom-Franklin Parsons, Alferd Johns, Ivan Vanhoose, Gerald Gould or Goned, Lyle Burgess, George Webster, Robert Mart, Homer Peterman, Don Ricks or Riches, Sam Loper, Redford Green, Ronald Cairns or Caisno, Robert Straley, Lois Jones, Agnes Millard, Grace Chandler

Left side-Luna Davis, Lyle Magville, John Peck, Lillian, Russell, Violet White, Art Chandler, Vida White, Chester Nielsen.