My great grandmother-Charlotte May McCormick/Pitts c.1887

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photos and help reunite them with their families.

Mission Statement

The mission of this website is to reunite these Lost & Found Ancestors with their families. I own the originals of most of the pictures depicted on this website and have collected them over the past few years, some online at sites like & Ebay, others at antique and thrift stores mostly in the Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC area but also places I've traveled including New York, Vermont, Georgia, Florida, New England & more.

The pictures are separated in groups by numbers. I have grouped them together in collections either by the way that they came to me or by being purchased at the same place. This does not necessarily mean that they belong together, but in some cases they do.  

I have included all of the information I have found on the photographs themselves as far as names, dates, locations and studio names and in the cases of ones without information, I have titled them with my own descriptions.
I will send a copy of any photograph by email but would like to retain the images for the website for other family members to view and would like to have your contact information to pass on to others inquiring about the same images in return.

On some pages I have included more than one group, the pictures are all prefixed by their group number, so you will just have to skip through until you come to the number you are interested in.

Please see my "New additions" page for my most recent photographs & memorabilia

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One sad, ungathered rose
On my ancestral tree

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